Here at FullSend we seek to enjoy the game at its core with a few additions from the wonderful dev community! Whether you see that as staying alive by fending off zombies, fighting disease and hunger, hunting animals for food, or hunting other players. Which ever you choose there is a path for you. Make sure you watch your health and maintain your vehicles as these are essential to staying alive. The barter system could prove handy in dire times. Whether you want to PVE or PVP we think this would be a great place for you. Plenty of cars to get into high-speed chases or helicopters to swoop in for a fast loot run or those fast pace raids! With enough weapons to support a small army, you shouldn't have any issues fending off unwanted intruders. Want to fortify your base craft all of the building items the vanilla way or head into town and purchase some T3 building kits. Running low on coin? Scavenge the local cities for loot or hunt animals for their pelts which you can sell to the traders. If you must. KILL FOR IT!

IGN Content
* Banking *
* Traders *

* 150K Start *

* Lots of Good Times! *

* Server Information Panel *

* BaseBuildingPlus *

* Gold *

* Raiding *

* Cars+ *

* Airdrop+ *

* Cannabis+ *

* Drugs Plus *

* Crash Sites *

* King of The Hill *

* Immersive *

* Hundreds of Weapons & Attachments *

* The Best Clothing *

* The Best Cars *

* Helicopters *

* 1PP/3PP *

* Awesome Community *

 Awesome Admins - Active Maintenance - Ticketing System - Discord Support Tickets

General Rules
No Racism - No Disrespecting Staff - No Cheating - Max Group Size 10